I am a very lucky man. I was adopted at birth by loving and caring family. I always knew I was fortunate to grow up in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. I graduated from Deerfield High School (1980) one of the top high schools in the state. Growing up on the North Shore I realized how great this country could be. My work in the hospitality industry started in High School. Since my parents preached hard work, I got part time jobs in the business. After high school my Mom was ill so I attended Oakton Community College in DesPlaines, Illinois. At 18 I also moved into the city to try living on my own. In addition to helping my Mom until she passed away I kept working in the industry. Upon completion of my Associates Degree (1983) in Hotel Management I went to Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. By the time I received my Bachelors Degree (1985) in Hospitality Management I had worked in every department in a Hotel. I had worked for Hyatt, Hilton and Sheraton. After graduation I moved into a Management position.

After four years in Management I had my first opportunity to become a General Manager in 1989. After four great years as a GM in Illinois I had an incredible offer to Manage some beach front Hotel’s in Florida. In 1993 I moved to Florida and for four years managed Vacation Break Management. Our properties were Hotel/Timeshare properties second to none. I also opened a Hotel in Freeport, Grand Bahama. In 1997 I quit Vacation Break Management to run The Ramada Plaza Beach Resort on Galt Ocean Drive in Fort Lauderdale. in 1998 I became a parent via single parent adoption. Without a doubt finding out what hard work really was. Late in 1999 I had an incredible job offer to move back home and work for F&F Realty. In December of 1999 I started at The Quality Inn Downtown Chicago which was poised to become a Crowne Plaza. I also helped out at The Doubletree in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Ownership has always interested and excited me. Just as home ownership is the American dream I also feel entrepreneurship is the American dream. I knew I needed to take that chance, that risk that must be taken to get to the next level. I always had the spirit, the drive and the pride of ownership to make my American dream come true.
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