Why are you Bush bashing?
Published in Chicago Parent magazine 7/04

I read your magazine every month. As a single adoptive dad of a newborn it has really helped me get through the first six years of my son’s life. My only complaint is the Bush bashing. This does not belong in Chicago Parent. If I want Bush bashing I will get The New York Times.

Peace is great, we are all for peace. But, peace is not the absence of war, it is the absence of state sponsored evil. I did not vote for our President in 2000 but maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the world will be a safer place for our kids. Maybe the Middle east has a chance for freedom, democracy and women’s rights. Maybe a safer Middle east means a safer America.

We are at war and I believe as American’s we should stick together. If the civilized world sticks together we can defeat the terrorists. Please be honest and factual in your column. You said the 9-11 commission found no link between al-Qaeda and Iraq but it did. It found no link between 9-11 and Iraq. 



I wanted to compliment Editor Joseph Aaron on his column “Nicholas Berg and us”. We are in a battle of the civilized world vs. barbarism. There is a difference between people who teach love and those who teach hate. I know this is not politically correct to say but it is the reality of our world today. In what other part of the world can someone be beheaded on a video or where else can a mother driving with her little children all be shot to death for no reason.

Where is the outrage from the left on these two incidents? They are too busy complaining about a terrorist with women’s underwear on his head. Face it, the left hates Israel and America is right behind her. We finally have a President who is taking on radical Islam and some Jews on the left are so partisan they do not want to recognize this as the biggest issue of our time.

Israel is on the verge of being the second Holocaust. Does Aaron really think the Arab world would stop this? Does he really think Europe or the U.N. would care? While I agree with Aaron that Jews in America have it great I feel we are in the only country where Jews can peacefully prosper. I have to agree with former New York Mayor Ed Koch(D), who despite disagreeing with President Bush on some issues, believes that the issue of terror(radical Islam) trumps all other issues.

Partisan politics should take a back seat to the protection of Jewry everywhere, especially Israel. God Bless Israel, God Bless America and may the memory of Nicholas Berg be for blessing.




I subscribe to your paper and really enjoy it. I also really enjoy Mr. Aaron’s columns. I just feel Mr. Aaron is very partisan and not objective when it comes to President Bush. Personally, I have voted Democratic almost my entire life. I helped elect Harold Washington for Mayor in 1983 and 1987. Voted for Paul Simon, Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 2000. With that being said I feel this President is doing a great job and has the biggest friend Israel has had. Israel is my litmus test. I cannot see electing someone like Howard Dean who wants to be “even-handed” in the Middle East. What happened to right and wrong?

We finally have a President who will not meet with Arafat, taken out a brutal regime in Iraq and has got Libya to give up their weapons program. As Joe Lieberman(D) said “If Dean was President, Saddam would still be in power”.

In a recent column Aaron continued to criticize the Christian right. I see the Christian right as Israel’s biggest defenders. I am much more comfortable with the Christian right than the radical left that is so anti-Israel and anti-semitic. I run a major Hotel downtown and during the 2000 election the head of the Hotel workers union told me he could not get the majority of his members to vote for Gore when I asked him why he replied with a one word answer, Lieberman.

As Rabbi Daniel Lapin said “Jews have prospered in America more than Europe because of Christian faith. A post Christian America would be frightening for Jews. Europe is in a post-Christian Era and look what is happening.”

In closing, I just hope Aaron can give Mr. Bush a better shake and be a little more objective. Christianity is our friend, not radical Islam and its enablers. The left really misses the boat on Israel. Thank God we have a leader who is finally taking on terror(radical Islam). I do not agree with our President on all issues but I feel he serves our people better than those former President’s who make peace deals that have no chance of working. We are dealing with an enemy (Arafat) who does not want peace; let’s deal with the truth. He wants a one state solution and that state is not named Israel.



I don’t think I will ever meet a man like Pat Luca. Pat was kind, gentle, warm, giving, helpful, flawed and fun. What an incredible person to come from Italy and make a life that he had. I am so glad my son, Louis, got to meet Pat, know Pat and be with Pat. I truly hope he can remember Pat’s spirit. Pat helped me so much be a father to my son, he taught me so much and truly helped me through the first year of my son’s life. I loved Pat, trusted Pat and will always remember Pat. When I moved back home to Chicago I left Louis with Pat and he flew to Chicago the next day with Louis. I will never forget meeting them at the airport , I knew my son was safe. Pat looked so happy, so proud, that infectious smile that would brighten up a room, that always present charisma. Pat stayed with us that night and we talked almost all night. I remember thinking how I wish Pat could stay, move his business to Chicago!

A lot of people will remember Pat as the life of the party and he was. If I had one day to just hang out with someone it would be him. That attitude and energy I wish I had half of. He could laugh, tell jokes and tell stories second to none. Pat could really cook, I don’t think I ever ate so good in my life, homemade gravy, homemade pasta, wow! But, what I will always remember is the real Pat, the genuine Pat, the Pat would help you, be there for you and the Pat that was just the sweetest, nicest, most sincere person I ever met. I am so glad I got to meet pat, I only wish it was for longer. My seven years in Florida were the best years of my life and I will always be thankful to Pat for that and I will always be thankful to God for bringing Pat into my life.
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